Bloch Bauer Promenade 22, 1100 Wien, Österreich
(Helmut-Zilk-Park Seite)


toZOMIA is a space for experimental culture, art and food. It is located at the heart of Sonnwendviertel, on the ground floor of Gleis 21. Here we present monthly programs with performance, exhibitions, weekly farmers market, Lastenfahrradmarkt and workshops in cooking within an urban food laboratory. Within toZOMIA you can also find the homely café Kaffeesatz – facing the Helmut-Zilk Park – with high quality selected coffee, drinks and homemade food (It is open every day from Wednesday-Sunday). Weekly you can also attend Solar Manufaktur’s experimental workshops in alternative food-production.

Our mission is to create and explore our term “Urban Ecologies”, through which we seek to find new ecological strategies for living (everyday life) in the Urban landscape through culture-making, art and community building. We focus specifically on the life in Sonnwendviertel and 10th district, to explore what it might mean to live and interact ecologically within the district. We want to unfold the stories of the quarter: who lives here, its architecture, its urban conditions, the insects and animals, how the community is built and much more. At the same time, we also want to pose critical questions, to explore our behaviours and find strategies how to to be part of manyfold moves towards ecologically cultivating the city quarter. Our main pillars are:

Food is the heart of cultures and at toZOMIA we incorporate food into everything we do from our Café KaffeeSatz, to pop-up stores, famers market – you name it! We want to rethink how we can relate to food in the urban landscape, which is local and sustainable. We therefore seek to find ways of creating new food methods and food production through:
-alternative solar cooking base on energy-self-sufficiency 

-creating new forms of food production
-transforming waste food into edible food
-growing food and communities in the Urban Landscape
-create circular economies between local actor and producers

Use the language of art and aesthetics to explore the Urban Landscape of the quarter. We want to find new modes of perception and understanding of the complex ecologies that strive, fight and live among each other in Sonnwendviertel and beyond. How can we learn from
this place and about our behaviours? Using the strength of art to create experimental events both in toZOMIA and in the public space, to open up merging social and artistic spaces. We also aim at connecting tissues of localness with our international networks.

We believe that communities are vital parts of a healthy ecology. We thus strive to build communities and experiment in how communities and groups can work together across disciplines, classes and fields. We want to create a meeting point and places for dialogue and diversity in which new relations can be created.

toZOMIA consists of: Irene Lucas, Christoph Euler, Mads Floor Andersen, Barbara Eichhorn, Hubert Hasler, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Ariel Uziga, Tatia Skhirtladze, Kaffeesatz eG, Daniel Aschwanden,

toZOMIA work in cooperation with Gleis 21, Bio Mio, Belvedere 21, Grätzelmixer, Grünenmarkt, BlubberGarten, Prem Frischkaffee, Gragger und Chorherr, Pho Suppe Jamer, Bikes and Rails Medo_Galerie, Expanded Garden, Art – Urban, Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Institut für Social Design, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst PARALLEL Vienna, Am Kem- pelenpark, Urbanize! Festival, Die Schule des guten Geschmacks u.a.