Raw Matters Joint Ventures feat. toZOMIA and Bears in the Park

15. Mai 2022.
14 – 22 Uhr

Wo: @toZOMIA, Bloch Bauer Promenade 22, 1100 Wien —> @Bears in the Park, Kempelengasse 1, 1100 Wien

On Sunday the 15th of May Raw Matters joins forces together with Bears in the Park and toZOMIA. We invite you to a day full of performative interventions in and around Sonnwendviertel.

Doors open at 14:00 @toZOMIA, Bloch Bauer Promenade 22, 1100 Wien
Doors close at 22:00 @Bears in the Park, Kempelengasse 1, 1100 Wien


14:00 – 19:00
Performative Tours in and around Sonnwendviertel together with the Tender Steps Residents Sebastian Bechinger, Yuwol June C & Lena Maya Turek, Iliya Hosseini, Said Gärtner & Johanna Krenn, Jaxyn Randall & Lucia Rosenfeld. The artists share what they have been working on during the reisdency tailored at site specific performance art together with our mentor Mentor Mads Floor Andersen. Karine Blanche Séror will share her work that she developed as part f the Tender Steps Residency in January.

Sofa(r) Unterwegs Collective performs on their way to Istanbul. With the newly created sculptures out of useful and useless daily objects, they invite everyone to improvise with them.

19:00 – 20:00
During Raw Matters – an unpolished Dance and Performance Evening @ Theater Gleis21 the artists Tina Amerstorfer & Boglárka Lutz share their work in progress of Touching Sound with my Fingers #2, Clara Zeiszl explore parts of her dance and juggling Solo Solitud and the austrian performer Margarita Wagner & palestinian comedian Faisal Abu Alhayjaa tab into their first artistic collaboration.

21:00 – 22:00
And for an evening to remember we walk to Kempelenpark and assemble in front of the studios at Bears in the Park waiting for something to happen. A light goes on and there it is 15-20 minute performances, by Fabian Faltin & Adam Dekan (Performance), Judith Stehlik (Foto performance), Stefano D’Alessio (Media Art Performance), Pop:sch (Queer Jetset Electro Pop Concert) visible through the window. Each room reveals distinct acts for the audience who gather outside with a drink in their hands in a light early summer night. For more info and a peek into the previous “Quality Street!”: 


Throughout the day Irene Lucas accompanies us with her cargo bike, opening up a culinary experimental event space with a wide variety of solar cookers and solar ovens, where cooking with the sun will be shown and tested in small groups. With free and clean energy, a growing digital map of the sol.lab.zones is created in association with local partners and initiatives and imagined and activated as a new micropolitical act of everyday life. Exciting conversations arise about the origin of the food and new solar cooking recipes for a growing solar community sol.lab.zones, which is also shown via social media and is networked locally and internationally with other alternative cooking methods such as fermentation processes and a cooking box.

Freitag, 15. May  2022. 15 – 22 Uhr.
Doors open at 15:00 @toZOMIA, Bloch Bauer Promenade 22, 1100 Wien
Doors close at 22:00 @Bears in the Park, Kempelengasse 1, 1100 Wien

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See you there and spread the info!